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Goodbye Transit Shirt


Design by Chris Pappas ( Printed on Navy Blue Gilden Heavy T-shirts

When asked to be a part of the last run of Transit shows, we wanted to make something special. We met Transit when Dustin's previous band Measured In Grey played a show with them in Poughkeepsie, they were still teenagers, and they were incredible already. We kept in touch and one of our first shows ever was with them in a basement in New Brunswick, NJ. Transit was the first band to ever put us in the thank you section of a record (Stay Home). The artwork for Keep This To Yourself is still a personal favorite, so we wanted to do something to combine our love for the boys, our sadness that they would not be continuing as Transit, and maybe a little jab at our own unwillingness to move on as a band. Our friend Chris Pappas created the design based on Dustin's idea and executed it perfectly.